by The Lazy Gene

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released June 1, 2011

All songs Jon Cox

Drums - Chris "Tommy" Thomas

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris "Tommy" Thomas



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The Lazy Gene

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Track Name: Seagulls
Seagulls live on trash
Don't you know it's only Love
In love with love and being in love
Up in the air and down in the dumps
Seagulls live on trash
Track Name: Living Proof
You are living proof of what a girl can do

If they let you in, don't tell them where you've been
Take it on the chin, or get a kicking in

If you grow up and sin, I hope they let you in.
Naked they're all fools. Break their dirty golden rule

If I tell you to run, run from the sound of the gun
Now by the light of the moon, I wish you were here soon

You are living proof of what a girl can do
Track Name: Naked With Envy
When we sat naked, we sat naked with envy
She in turn, took to our tails like a fury
She said "Can't you see what you're doing to me?"
We said "Can't you see what we're doing to ourselves?"

I can remember when we got on with business
When I was pissed and you were caned by headmistresses
But today I'm more or less sedated
And you're in tow of a waif Bulgarian soul

These kidneys live in hope of oestrogen and the Earl Grey glow
Where cider is the cypher and hangovers are the code

For Nick
Track Name: Scarecrow
Woman though I love you, I have no words to tell you
Your body left me bloody and hungry
See you in the water, like a sunrise had a daughter
Dancing in your colour, I'm crying

We could go far, Scarecrow we could go

The sky may not be falling love and gluttony as glutton does
For days now I've been dangerously dining
We may be elemental, but we're stranded in a stencil
Pencilling the outline of this island

We could go far, Scarecrow we could go

We could go a long way physically
If you didn't have to tell me chemically
If you didn't have to tell me, constantly, "Sorry"